Membership Agreement
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Terms and Conditions
Section 1 (Objective)

This Agreement is designed to specify rights, obligations and responsibilities with the Company and its members in connection with the use of all services related to Dream6 Co., Ltd., which are provided by "COMPANY" ("COMPANY" or "Dream6 Co., Ltd.").

Section 2 (Definitions)

The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:
①"SERVICE" means "COMPANY" services that are available to members regardless of the terminals being implemented (including various wired and wireless devices such as PCs, TVs, mobile terminals, etc.).
②"MEMBER" refers to a customer who accesses the company's "SERVICE" and enters into a service contract with the "COMAPNY" under this Agreement and uses the "SERVICE" provided by the "COMPANY".
③"ID" means a combination of letters and numbers designated by "MEMBER" and approved by "COMPANY" for the identification of "MEMBER" and the use of "SERVICE."
④"PASSWORD" means a combination of letters or numbers designated by the "MEMBER" to confirm that the "MEMBER" is a "MEMBER" consistent with the "ID" assigned to it and to protect it.
⑤"PAID SERVICE" means various online digital contents (including various information contents, VODs, items and other paid contents) provided by "COMPANY" for a fee.
⑥"POINT" refers to virtual data on "SEVICES" that does not have the property value to be arbitrarily set, paid or adjusted by the company for efficient use of the service use.
⑦"PUBLISHING" refers to various files and links in the form of information, such as the code, text, voice, sound, video, and video posted on "SERVICE" by "MEMBER".

Section 3 (Publishing and revising the terms and conditions)

①"COMPANY" will post the contents of this Agreement on the initial screen of the service for "MEMBER" to make it easy for them to know.
②"COMPANY" may amend this Agreement to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws, such as the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "INFORMATION COMMUNICATION NETWORK ACT").
③If the "COMPANY" revises the terms and conditions, it shall specify the date of application and reason of revision, and notify the date of application of the amended agreement from 30 days to the date of application in accordance with the method of paragraph 1. However, the amendment to the terms and conditions disadvantageous to the members shall be clearly notified by electronic means such as e-mail, e-mail message, and consent window for a certain period of time in addition to the notification.
④If the member does not express his or her intention to express his or her intention after the company notified or notified the member of the revised agreement in accordance with the previous paragraph, the member shall have agreed to the amended agreement.
⑤If the member does not agree to the application of the amended agreement, the company shall not apply the amendment terms and conditions, and the member may cancel the service contract. However, the company may terminate the service contract in the event that there are special circumstances in which the existing agreement cannot be applied.

Section 4 (interpretation of terms and conditions)

①"COMPANY" may have separate terms and policies (hereinafter referred to as "FREE AND SERVICES TERMS") for "Fees and individual services, and in the event that such terms conflict with them, "FREE AND SERVICES TERMS" shall take precedence.
②Matters or interpretations not set out in this Agreement shall be subject to the "FEEA TERMS OF SERVICE" and the related statutes or business practices.

Section 5 (Signing a service contract)

①The service contract is concluded by the person who intends to become a "MEMBER" (hereinafter referred to as the "SUBSCRIBER") agreeing to the terms and conditions of the agreement, applying for membership, and the "COMPANY" accepts such an application.
②"COMPANY" shall, in principle, accept the use of "SERVICE" for the application of "SUBSCRIBERS." However, the "COMPANY" may cancel the service contract after it has failed to approve the application in any of the following subparagraphs:
1.In the event that an applicant has previously lost his or her qualification under this Agreement, except in the case that the applicant obtained the consent of the "COMPANY" to rejoin the membership.
2.In case the name is not real or the name is used
3.In case the information is not entered into or provided by the "COMPANY".
4.If a child under the age of 14 does not obtain consent from a legal representative (parent, etc.)
5.In case approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the user or if the application is filed in violation of all the other matters specified
③In the application pursuant to paragraph 1, "COMPANY" may request real-name verification and identification from a professional institution, depending on the type of "MEMBER"
④"COMPANY" may defer its acceptance of service-related facilities, technical or business problems.
⑤In the event that an application for membership has not been approved or delayed pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 4, "COMPANY" shall inform the applicant of the application in principle.
⑥The time when the service contract is established is when the "COMPANY" marks the completion of the subscription in the application procedure.
⑦"COMPANY" can be divided into classes for "MEMBER" according to the company policy, and thus be divided into service hours, number of uses, and service menus.
⑧"COMPANY" may impose restrictions or restrictions on the use of "MEMBER" to comply with grades and ages pursuant to "ACT ON PROMOTION OF MOVIES AND VIDEOS" and the "YOUTH PROTECTION ACT".

Section 6 (Member information change)

①The "MEMBER" can view and modify their personal information at any time through the personal information management screen. However, the real name, resident registration number and ID required for service management cannot be modified.
②The "MEMBER" shall amend online or notify the "COMPANY" by e-mail or other means if the information entered at the time of membership application has been changed.
③The "COMPANY" shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by the failure to notify the "COMPANY" of any changes under paragraph 2.

Section 7 (Privacy obligation)

The company strives to protect the members' personal information as provided under the pertinent statutes, such as the Information and Communications Network Act. The relevant laws and the privacy policy of the "COMPANY" shall apply to the protection and use of personal information. However, the privacy policy of "COMPANY" is not applied to linked sites other than the official website of "COMPANY".

Section 8 (Responsibilities for the management of "MEMBER" and "PASSWORD")

①The responsibility for managing "ID" and "PASSWORD" of "MEMBER" is with "MEMBER" and should not be made available to third parties.
②"COMPANY" may restrict the use of such "ID" in the event that the "ID" of the "MEMBER" is concerned about personal information leakage, is contrary to antisocial or unconventional, or has been mistaken as the operator of the "COMPANY" and "COMPANY".
③"MEMBER" shall immediately notify the "COMPANY" and follow the guidance of "COMPANY" if "Identity" and "PASSWORD" are stolen or recognized as being used by a third party.
④In the case of paragraph 3, the "COMPANY" shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by the member's failure to notify the "COMPANY" or his failure to comply with the guidance of "COMPANY".

Section 9 (Notify "MEMBER")

①In the event that the "COMPANY" notifies the "MEMBER", the "in-service" e-mail address, e-mail, etc. unless otherwise specified in this Agreement.
②"COMPANY" may substitute the notice under paragraph 1 by posting it on the notice board of "COMPANY" for more than 7 days for all "MEMBER".

Section 10 (the duties of the "COMPANY")

①The "COMPANY" shall not act against the relevant laws and these terms and conditions and shall strive to provide "SERVICE" in a consistent and stable manner.
②"COMPANY" shall establish a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that "MEMBER" can safely use "SERVICE" and shall disclose and comply with the privacy policy.
③The "COMPANY" shall have the necessary personnel and systems to properly handle the complaints or claims of users in relation to service use.
④"COMPANY" shall handle any comments or complaints raised by "MEMBER" regarding the use of the service, if they are found to be justifiable. Comments or complaints raised by "MEMBER" are forwarded to "MEMBER" using bulletin boards or by e-mail.

Section 11 (a duty of "MEMBER")

①Members shall not:
1.Registration of false contents when applying or changing
2.For the information of others
3.Changes to information posted by "COMPANY"
4.Send or post information (such as computer programs) other than information set by "COMPANY"
5.Infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights of "COMPANY" and other third parties
6.Damage or obstruction to the reputation of the "COMPANY" and other third parties
7.An act to disclose or post information on "SERVICE" that is against obscenity or violence, video, voice or other forms of information
8.Using "SERVICE" for profit without the consent of the company
9.Other illegal or unjust conduct
②The "MEMBER" shall comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of this Agreement, the cautions issued in connection with the "SERVICE" and shall not interfere with any other "COMPANY"'s business.

Section 12 (The provision of "SERVICE", etc.)

①The company provides the following services to the members.
1.Search service
2.Bulletin Service
3.All services provided to "MEMBER" by other "COMPANY" through further development or partnership agreements with other companies
②The company can designate the time available for each scope by dividing "SERVICE" into a certain range. However, in such cases, the details are notified in advance.
③As a rule, "SERVICE" is provided 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day.
④"COMPANY" may temporarily suspend the provision of "SERVICE" in the event of maintenance, replacement and failure of information and communication facilities, interruption of communication, or significant operational reasons. In such a case, "COMPANY" will notify "MEMBER" in the manner set forth in Article 9 [Notification of "MEMBER". However, if there is an unavoidable reason why the "COMPANY" cannot notify you in advance, it may be notified afterwards.
⑤The "COMPANY" can conduct a regular inspection if necessary for the provision of the service, and the regular inspection time shall be as notified in the Service Companion page.

Section 13 (Change of "SERVICE")

①"COMPANY" may change all or some of the "SERVICE" that it provides for operational and technical reasons.
②If there is a change in the contents, usage method, and usage time of the "SERVICE", the reason for the change, the contents of the service to be changed, and the date of service provision shall be posted on the initial screen of the service before the change.
③"COMPANY" may modify, suspend or change some or all of the services provided for free in accordance with the Company's policy and operation requirements, and shall not make any separate compensation to "MEMBER" unless otherwise specified in the applicable law.

Section 14 (the provision of information and the publication of advertising)

①"COMPANY" may provide "MEMBER" with various information, such as notices or e-mails, that "MEMBER" are deemed to be necessary during their "SERVICE" use. However, "MEMBER" may refuse to receive e-mail at any time except in response to transaction-related information and customer inquiries under the relevant laws.
②In case the information under paragraph 1 is to be transmitted by telephone and by the modulator, it is sent with prior consent from the "MEMBER". However, the information related to transactions of "MEMBER" and responses to customer inquiries are excluded.
③"COMPANY" may place advertisements on the service screen, homepage or e-mail related to the operation of "SERVICE". The "MEMBER" who receive an e-mail with advertisements may refuse to accept it to the "COMPANY".
④"USER (including members and non-members)" shall not change, modify or restrict postings or other information in relation to the services provided by the company.

Section 15 (The copyright of the "PUBLISHED MATTER")

①The copyright of the "PUBLISHED" posted by the "MEMBER" within the "SERVICE" shall be attributed to the author of such postings.
②"PUBLISHED" posted by "MEMBER" within "SERVICE" may be subject to search results, "SERVICE" and related promotions, and may be partially modified, cloned, edited and published to the extent necessary for such exposure. In this case, the company complies with the copyright law regulations, and "MEMBER" can always take actions such as deletion, exclusion of search results, and disclosure of such postings through the management functions in the Customer Center or the "SERVICE".
③"COMPANY" shall obtain the consent of "MEMBER" in advance by telephone, fax or e-mail if it intends to use "PUBLISHED MATTER" of "MEMBER" by means other than paragraph 2.

Section 16 ("Published" management)

①If the "PUBLISHING" of the "MEMBER" includes any violation of the relevant laws, such as the "INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK ACT" and the "COPYRIGHTS ACT", the rights holder may request suspension or deletion of such "PURBLISHED MATERIALS" in accordance with the procedures set forth by the relevant laws, and the "COMPANY" shall take action in accordance with the relevant laws.
②"COMPANY" may take temporary measures against such "PURBLISHED MATERIALS" under the applicable law if there is a reason for the infringement of rights or in violation of other company policies and related laws, even if it is not requested by the holder under the preceding paragraph.
③The detailed procedures under this section shall follow the "PUBLISHING REQUEST SERVICE" set by the "COMPANY" within the scope set forth by the Information and Communications Network Act and the Copyright Act.
- Request for suspension of posting :

Section 17 (the attribution of one's rights)

①Copyright and intellectual property rights to "SERVICE" belong to "COMPANY". Exceptions include "PURBLISHED MATERIALS" of "MEMBER" and works provided under the partnership agreement.
②"COMPANY" grants "MEMBER" only the right to use their accounts, "IDEA", content, and "POINT" according to the terms and conditions set by "COMPANY" in relation to the service, and "MEMBER" are not allowed to transfer, sell, or mortgage their accounts.

Section 18 (Point)

The "COMPANY" may adjust some or all of its "POINT" after advance notice for efficient use and operation of its services, and the "POINT" may expire periodically according to the period specified by the company.

Section 19 (Contract cancellation, termination, etc.)

①"MEMBER" can apply for cancellation of service contract at any time through the customer center on the initial service screen or the My Information Management menu. The "COMPANY" shall process the service contract immediately as provided under the relevant laws.
②If the "MEMBER" cancels the contract, all data of the "MEMBER" will be destroyed upon termination, except in the case that the "COMPANY" holds the member information in accordance with the relevant laws and privacy policy.
③If a "MEMBER" cancels the contract, all postings registered to your account, such as mail, blog, will be deleted from the "PUBLISHING" created by the "MEMBER". However, it is not allowed to be re-issued due to inclusion or scrap, or to delete "published materials" registered on the public notice board.

Section 20 (Restricted use, etc.)

①"COMPANY" may phase out the use of "SERVICE" in the event that "MEMBER" violate the obligations of these Terms or disrupt the normal operation of "SERVICE", by warning, suspension or permanent suspension.
②Notwithstanding the foregoing, "COMPANY" may permanently suspend the use of the related statutes immediately if it violates the Act on Registration of Residents, the provision and operation of illegal programs that violate the Copyright Act and the Computer Program Protection Act, the distribution of malicious programs, and over-accessed acts. In the event of a permanent suspension under this section, all "points" and other benefits obtained through the use of "SERVICE" will expire, and the "COMPANY" will not compensate for them separately.
③"COMPANY" may restrict the use of "MEMBER" for the sake of their protection and operational efficiency if they do not continue to log in for more than three months.
④"COMPANY" shall follow the conditions and details of restrictions within the scope of this section in the Restriction of Utilization Policy and the Operating Policy for Individual Services.
⑤If the use of "SERVICE" is restricted or the contract is terminated under this section, "COMPANY" will notify you pursuant to Article 9 [Notification of "MEMBERSHIP").
⑥Members may appeal the restriction of use under this section in accordance with the procedures set by the "COMPANY". If the objection is justified by the "COMPANY", the "COMPANY" immediately resumes using the "SERVICE".

Section 21 (Liability limit)

①"COMPANY" shall be exempted from the responsibility for providing "SERVICE" in the event that it is unable to provide "SERVICE" due to natural disasters or equivalent forces.
②"COMPANY" shall not be held liable for any interruption in the use of "SERVICE" due to the reasons attributable to "MEMBER".
③The "COMPANY" shall not be held liable for any information, data, reliability or accuracy posted by the "MEMBER" in relation to the "SERVICE".
④"COMPANY" shall be exempted from liability for transactions, such as transactions between "MEMBER" and "MEMBER" and "SERVICE" between third parties.
⑤"COMPANY" shall not be held liable unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws in relation to the use of the services provided for free.

Section 22 (To be governed by the law and to be tried)

①The lawsuits filed between "COMPANY" and "MEMBER" shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.
②The lawsuit concerning disputes arising between the "COMPANY" and the "MEMBER" at the time of the complaint shall be governed by the local court responsible for the appeal if there is no address. However, if the "MEMBER"'s address or appeal is not clear at the time of filing the complaint, the competent court shall decide it according to the Civil Procedure Act.
③For "MEMBER" with addresses or appeals overseas, the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea shall remain in the jurisdiction of the case concerning disputes between the "COMPANY" and "MEMBER".

An incidental rule

①These Terms and Conditions will take effect on September 1, 2015.
Privacy Policy
"Dream 6 Co., Ltd." places importance on the protection of members' personal information and complies with the statutes, including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, the Privacy Act, the Act on the Protection and Utilization of Location Information, and the guidelines established by the relevant agencies.

We want to inform you of the use and use of the members' personal information through the privacy policy and how they are doing their best to protect the members' personal information.

1. Items of personal information collected/used and methods of collection
The items and methods of personal information collected/used by Dream 6 Co., Ltd. are as follows.
1) Items of personal information collected/used:
- User ID, password
2) Information collection method: provided through membership

The member may refuse to provide the above personal information. However, if you refuse to provide personal information, some or all of the service may not be available.

2. Purpose of personal information collection and utilization
For personal information collected/received, Dream 6 Co., Ltd., Inc., distinguishes items requiring consent of the information subject from items that do not require consent for each item, as shown below, and the purpose of use of each item is as follows.

[Items requiring consent from members] 1 Member ID: Personal identification according to content provision
2 Member name: Personal identification by content provision
3 Password : User authentication
[items that do not require members' consent]
1 Connection record (visit time): Improvement of service quality, execution of contract, and dispute settlement

3. Retention and utilization period of personal information The personal information collected under the consent of the members is retained and used while the membership is maintained. In case of a cancellation request, the information is deleted completely from the disk in a way that cannot be played back, and is processed in a condition that cannot be accessed or used later.
However, the member's website ID can be stored temporarily for up to 14 days from the cancellation date in order to recover and protect victims in the event of damage caused by personal information theft, and then delete it completely in a way that cannot be played back afterwards. Exceptions apply to each of the following paragraphs:
First, when there is a need to preserve it according to the provisions of the statutes, such as the Commercial Act. Records of contract or subscription withdrawal, etc. Reason for Conservation: The Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc. Retention Period: Five Years Records on payment and supply of goods Reason for Conservation: The Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc. Retention Period: Five Years Records of consumer complaints or dispute handling Reason for Conservation: The Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc. Retention Period: 3 years Connection logs, connection IP information, and service use history
Reason for Conservation: Communications Secrets Protection Act
Retention Period: 3 months Second, in case of individual members' consent

5. Sharing and Providing Personal Information
Dream 6 Co., Ltd., a corporation, uses the members' personal information within its notified purpose when collecting the members' personal information. In principle, the members' personal information is not disclosed to the public without prior consent from the members. Exceptions are given below.
First, in case a member agrees to disclose it in advance Second, in case the service agreement or policy is violated, such as the service agreement or other member service posted on the website. Third, if there is sufficient evidence that personal information should be disclosed to take legal action against a person by using the service to cause mental and material damage to the other person. Fourth, if it is judged in good faith to be required by other laws e.g. when data is required to be provided by the relevant law or at the request of a court, investigation agency or other administrative body according to the proper procedure.

6. Personal Information Disposal Procedure and Method Personal information of the members will be destroyed without delay if the purpose of collection and utilization is achieved. The procedure and method of destruction will be managed according to the following criteria.
1.1) Revocation procedure Information collected/ used by Dream 6 Co., Ltd. Co., a corporation, such as information entered by a member for sign - up, is stored for the period of storage under internal policies and other related statutes after the purpose of use is achieved.
2.2) Revocation method 1 Personal information printed on paper is destroyed through shredding or incineration.
2 Personal information records stored in electronic file format are deleted using a technical method that cannot be replayed.

7. The rights of members and legal representatives and their exercise methods Members and legal representatives may withdraw their consent to the provision of personal information at any time. To withdraw the consent for the provision of personal information, you can sign out by clicking on "Lease Member" or "Delete Account" in the service. In addition, the personal information of a registered person or a child under the age of 14 can be viewed or modified.
In the event a member requests correction of personal information errors, the member shall not use or provide the personal information until the correction is completed. In addition, if the wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will notify the result of correction to the third party immediately so that the correction can be made.
Dream 6 Co,m Ltd., a corporation, treats personal information revoked or deleted at the request of a member or legal representative as specified in "3. The period of personal information retention and use of personal information" and is not available.

8. Technical and administrative protection of personal information
In handling personal information of the members, Dream 6 Co., Ltd., a corporation, has implemented the following technical and administrative measures to ensure safety without losing, stealing, leaking, falsifying or damaging personal information.
The company, Dream 6 Co., Ltd., is doing its best to prevent members' personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses. We are backing up data frequently in case of personal information corruption, preventing members' personal information or data from being leaked or damaged by using the latest vaccine program, and providing secure transmission of personal information on the network through password algorithms. And we use the intrusion prevention system to control unauthorized access from outside, and we strive to have all possible technical equipment to ensure systemic stability.
Dream 6 Co., Ltd., a corporation, limits the handling of members' personal information to those in charge, gives them a separate password and updates them on a regular basis. We emphasize compliance with the company's personal information handling (handling) policy through frequent education to those in charge.
We also check the implementation of personal information handling (handling) policies of Dream 6 Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. and compliance with the staff through internal special agency so that we can correct and correct problems immediately.

9. Contact for the person in charge of personal information management
the person in charge of personal information management
Member: Dream6 Co., Ltd.
Position: Management Division Phone: 82. 10. 9876. 7931.

10. Personal information service
The company, Dream 6 Co., Ltd., collects the opinions of its members regarding the members'
personal information and prepares all procedures and methods to deal with complaints.
The members can report their complaints through phone calls, 1:1 inquiries, referring to "the members' personal information management manager and contact information" set forth above, and the company's Dream 6 Co., Ltd. will give a quick and sufficient answer to the members' reports.
Alternatively, you can apply for complaint handling at FAX 02-580-0529, (Korea Internet Agency's Privacy Reporting Center: : Call 02-1336).

11. etc.
The personal information handling (handling) policy of "Company Dream 6 Co., Ltd." can be changed due to a change in law and guidelines or an internal policy change of "Company Dream 6 Co., Ltd.." If the policy is amended, the change is notified in a way that other members can check if the policy is initialized within the service. If the contents of the Privacy Policy are added, deleted, or modified, the information will be notified at least seven days before the revision.

12.This policy is effective September 1, 2015.